How do I view my students' true instructional reading levels?

The levels displayed on your class dashboard are not instructional reading levels. Instead, these levels are the level of your student's next assessment on Literably. They are automatically adjusted for you after each assessment, but you can change them at any time.

Your students' instructional reading levels are automatically computed by Literably based on their assessment histories, but do not currently appear on your class dashboard. These levels appear when you export data from your class, school, or district. To do this, click on your email at the top right and click Data Export.

Three fields appear in the export to describe a student's instructional reading level after each assessment. In the student-level export, they are based on each student's latest assessment. Here is how each is determined:

Instructional Level: the highest level in a student's history after which she was recommended to assess again at the same level or at a higher level. If all of a student's assessments led to a downward recommendation, then the instructional level is set to 1 level below the lowest level that the student has assessed at. 

Instructional Level Confirmed: True if further assessments indicate that the level is no higher than the computed instructional level; False if the instructional level may be even higher.

Has Passed a Level: True if the student has completed an assessment where the recommendation was to assess again at the same level or at a higher level; False if not. 


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