What is the meaning of the Level column on the dashboard?

The levels displayed in the instructional level column (labeled just "Level" for space reasons) are Literably's best estimate of the instructional reading levels of your students.

An instructional level on Literably is considered confirmed when a student has passed a level on Literably and her latest leveling recommendation is either +0 or down to a level that she has already passed. (Instructional levels are also automatically considered confirmed once a student passes level Z, or does not pass level A.)

For students that have a confirmed instructional level, this column reports that instructional level. For students with an uncertain instructional level, Literably reports the predicted instructional level, with an asterisk. These predictions are based on our expectations of where a student is likely to end up once she has completed her re-assessments. Although not exact, they are intended to still be useful for instructional decision-making. 

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