What are the benefits of Literably?

Find Accurate Reading Levels

Literably gives teachers, parents and administrators an opportunity to hear what students can do on their own reading carefully leveled texts.

"We finally know their true levels! Unlike hand-scored assessments, Literably allows us to see what students can do on their own, and that provides us with a sense of urgency. We've made adjustments, and we've seen tremendous growth. We love it!" - Lori, Lead Teacher

Pinpoint Student Needs

Teachers are busy, and it's difficult to not only assess all of your students but to analyze the data, pinpoint needs, and tailor instruction. Literably organizes all of your students' information, so teaches and administrators can quickly identify and act on student needs.

“Literably gives us a deeper understanding of student needs than we got from hand-scored assessments. We can pinpoint the literacy skills that we need to build, group students and target those skills. It's wonderful!” - Tara, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Maximize Instructional Time

Monitoring students' reading is important, but administering one-on-one assessments takes many hours of class time. Literably takes care of the administration and scoring, so teacheres can spend more time responding to student needs.

Instruction never stops. Instead of spending their time administering assessments, teachers are looking at data, diagnosing issues, and targeting interventions to meet specific needs. It's the best purchase we've made.” - Catherine, Elementary Principal and Annie, Lead Teacher

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