A recording is not appearing in my dashboard

As soon as your student records, you should see a recording next to that student's name in your class dashboard (and the text "Not Yet Graded"). Within 24 hours, we will grade the recording, post the results to your dashboard, and email you.

Sometimes, a slow wireless connection will cause a recording to fail to upload. In these cases, we will re-try the upload several times.

If you can't find a recording that you know the student recorded, please let us know: support@literably.com

Things to keep in mind:

  • Move Closer to Wifi It may help to move closer to your Wifi router.
  • Do Not Close the Browser On the web, students sometimes close the browser before a recording is done uploading. If the student closes the browser, that will interrupt the upload.
  • Do Not Completely Exit the iPad App If the student completely closes the iPad app (double-clicks on home button and swipes up), that will interrupt the upload. You can navigate away from the app, but please do not completely close the app after assessing.
  • Do Not Navigate to a Different Website If the student leaves literably.com, that will interrupt the upload. The student can logout, and the next student can login (we'll continue uploading the background). If the student needs to go to a different website, please have them open a new tab or window.
  • Cap Recordings It may help to cap recordings at 1 minute (an option in Settings). Shorter recordings upload faster and are less likely to fail.
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