Assessing K-1 Students

K and 1 teachers, you may need to sit with some of your students while they assess.

A few quick notes on what that looks like:

Changing Levels. If you notice that the text is obviously too hard or too easy, you can immediately change the student's level and re-assess. Just go to your class dashboard ( and change the student's level. If the student is assessing on a computer, have them refresh the page. If they're assessing on an iPad, have them log out and log back in. Then have them restart with the new assessment.

No Tells. If the student struggles with a word, please have them sound it out or skip it. Please do not tell them the word. Tells reduce consistency and increase leveling error.

Comprehension. During the comprehension section, you can read the questions and answer choices out loud to the students, or they can click on the blue speaker icons and the computer will read the questions and answer choices to them.

The Retell. The retell is not scored. The extent to which your students complete the retell is a district, school or teacher decision.

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