Leveling Criteria: How does Literably re-level students?

Literably re-levels students using this table:

  4/5 or 5/5 Comp. 3/5 Comp. 0/5, 1/5 or 2/5 Comp.
98-100% +2 and re-assess +1 -1
95-97% +1 +1 -1
90-94% 0 0 -1
85-89% -1 -1 -2 and re-assess
80-84% -2 -2 -3 and re-assess
70-79% -3 and re-assess -3 and re-assess -3 and re-assess
50-69% -3 and re-assess -4 and re-assess -4 and re-assess
0-49% -3 and re-assess -4 and re-assess  -5 and re-assess

At a high level, here’s what this table says:

  • If a student reads with at least 95% accuracy and at least ⅗ comprehension, Literably will move the student up 1 or 2 levels.
  • If a student reads with 90-94% accuracy and at least ⅗ comprehension, Literably will keep the student at that level.
  • If a student reads with below 90% accuracy and/or below ⅗ comprehension, Literably will move the student down 1 or more levels.

On top of that, if a student does very well or very poorly, Literably will call for a re-assessment at their new level. If the student has a more moderate outcome, Literably will not call for a reassessment, but you can choose to reassess the student.


Aggressive Re-Assessment Schedule. We offer customers the option of recommending a re-assessment every time a student's level is changed. If your school or district is set up this way, then re-assess would appear in every cell in the chart above except for the ones with a 0 recommendation. This chart can be viewed here.

Avoiding Redundant Assessment. Once a student "passes" (at least 90% accuracy and 3/5 comprehension) a particular level, we will not move the student below that level for the rest of the school year. Similarly, if in the past two weeks Literably leveled the student down to or below the current level, upward movements are capped at +1.

Summer Slide. After summer break, we move each student's "floor" down 2 levels to account for summer slide.  This new "floor" includes their next assessment Level and their instructional level.

Very Low Fluency. If a student reads at or below 7 wcpm, we will level the student down 1 level, regardless of accuracy and comprehension. Additionally, we permit our customers to require that students achieve minimum fluency standards for us to recommend a reading level increase. If your school or district is set up this way, you can view these minimum standards in this chart.

Expected Growth. If 90 days have passed since the student's most recent assessment, Literably will bump the student up one level so that their next reading is more likely to be at their instructional level. Note: if the 90 days include summer break, the teacher manually changes the student's level, or the most recent leveling recommendation was +2, then this change will not apply.

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