Setting up on Literably


Go to and enter your email address and password.

Add Students

If you need to add students, click the blue Add Students button along the top.

Note: If you don't see the Add Students button, that means we are uploading your students directly from your school district's Student Information System. If there's no Add Students button and your class list is out of date, please contact or your school district's tech department.

Set Reading Levels

Make sure that each student is set to your best estimate of his or her instructional reading level. Next to each student's name, you'll see a Level dropdown with a Guided Reading Level and a grade level in parentheses. This dropdown indicates the level of the student's next assessment. To change the level, click the dropdown and select a new level. As soon as you've set levels, you are done setting up your teacher account.

Next Steps:

  • Download the iPad App. If your students are going to be assessing on iPads, please make sure that The Literably iPad App has been installed on the relevant iPads. On all other devices, students can assess through the web browser at

  • Learn What It's Like to Use Literably as a Student. Review the next article (Using Literably as a Student). There's a video in the article that you can use to introduce Literably to your students.
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