Assessing on Literably


If your students are recording on iPads, they'll need to open the Literably iPad app. If they're using any other device, they should go to and click Login in the upper right (or go directly to

If your students have Literably usernames and passwords, they'll type those in and login.

If not, they'll type in your email address and pick their names from a list.

Read Out Loud

When students login, a passage will appear with a big Start button, and Literably will prompt students to read the passage aloud. Students should click Start and read out loud, turning the pages as they read.

They should keep reading until they finish the last page and then click Stop. If it's a long passage, Literably may stop them and ask them to read the rest silently.

If something goes wrong (e.g. there's a P.A. announcement), students can record again. Literably will score the first full recording.

Answer the Questions

When students have read the whole passage, they should click the blue Comprehension button.

Literably will guide students through the Multiple Choice and the Retell.

Multiple Choice

Students can click on the blue speaker icons to hear questions and answer choices out loud.

Students can click the blue back button to go back and change their answers.


Students can type their retells into the box, or they can record their retells by clicking on the blue Start Recording Answer button.


When students have finished the retell, they should logout. 

Within 24 hours of your students assessing, Literably will send the results to your email address and will post them to your teacher account.

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