Digging Into the Data

Within 24 hours of your students assessing, Literably will send the results to your email address and will post them to your teacher account. If you login to your account, you will see:

The Class Dashboard

On the left, Literably shows data on each student's Name and Next Reading, including:

  • Name
  • ⟳ reassess Students with a ⟳ should reassess.
  • Level Blue means that the student is exceeding expectations for instructional reading level. Green is meeting, yellow is approaching, and red is not yet meeting expectations.
  • Next Reading The title of the next assessment.

On the right, Literably shows data from each student's Last Reading, including:

  • Last Reading Title and (Guided Reading Level)
  • % Oral Reading Accuracy
  • Rate Oral Reading Rate. Blue means that the student is exceeding expectations for reading rate. Green is meeting, yellow is approaching, and red is not yet meeting expectations. More info on the colors.
  • Comp. Comprehension Score
  • Focus Recommended Focus Area. Accuracy, Fluency or Comprehension. More information on Focus Areas.
  • Date Date of the Assessment

The Student Page

If you click on a student's name, you'll be taken to that student's page, which includes:

  • Graphs of wcpm and reading level over time.
  • Overall comprehension performance by standard.
  • All of the student's scored assessments.
  • Any non-scored assessments.

The Assessment Page

If you click on the title of a specific reading, you'll be taken to a page for that assessment, including:

1. A Running Record Review the running record to understand the student's oral reading.

2. Multiple Choice Comprehension Get insight into the student's level of understanding. The dot is the student's answer, and the bolded text is the correct answer.

3. A Retell See how well the student can retell the passage. Literably does not automatically score the retell (we haven't found an objective way to do so). Teachers can score the retell on a simple 0-3 rubric using the Score Retell dropdown. The assigned retell score will be saved. The retell score will not automatically adjust the student's level. As always, the teacher can adjust the student's level if (s)he feels it is appropriate.




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