Clever Resources

If you are using Clever to create your Literably rosters, we would encourage you to check out Clever's website and Help Center for helpful information and resources.

Below are a few Clever Help Center articles that may be helpful as you start to get set up with Clever and Literably. 


  • After you click the below links, please take note of the related articles on the left-hand side of the main article page. 
  • These articles will be most useful and relevant to district leadership and not individual teachers.

Clever Help Center Articles: 

  1. Implementing Clever for the first time: Click HERE
  2. Setting up your Clever account: Click HERE
  3. Setting up a Single Sign-On (SSO): Click HERE
  4. Creating class rosters via "Sharing Rules:" Click HERE
  5. Adding staff and school administrators in Clever: Click HERE and HERE 
  6. Different user roles on Clever: Click HERE
  7. Sharing ELL information on Clever: Click HERE


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