Helping parents understand Literably: Parent-friendly letter to send home

Overview: Below is a short letter that teachers can feel free to copy/paste (and edit) and then send to parents who would like to learn more about Literably.  


I'm writing to tell you about Literably, a new tool I will be using this school year to help identify areas where your student can improve in reading. 

Literably is a website/app that records students reading stories aloud and then asks them comprehension questions. Literably employees listen to these recordings overnight, generate a transcript of each student's reading (that is sent back to me to review), and calculate scores for accuracy, rate, and comprehension.  In addition, Literably helps me understand:

  • Your student’s independent reading level = the level where they can read easily for pleasure without any (or little) assistance from me.
  • Your student’s instructional reading level = the level where they can still read successfully but may need more assistance from me and may, at times, feel “stretched” or challenged in their thinking.

Literably helps me to track your student's progress in reading and to identify the areas where I need to focus my instruction. It also allows me to share recordings with parents, so I may be sending you these recordings as evidence of your student's progress.

If you have any questions about Literably, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  You can also learn more about Literably at



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