Rostering Students and Teachers for a Single School

To create teacher and student accounts, you will fill out two spreadsheets of basic data, such as first, name last name, and ID number.

If you need to make any changes to your rosters in the future, you will simply update the files and re-upload to Literably.  As a best practice, we recommend that you save your most up-to-date rostering spreadsheets somewhere where you can easily access them (e.g., save the files in a folder on your desktop).  This will allow you to quickly make rostering updates to Literably (if needed) throughout the school year. Note: teachers (and students) will not get an automatic email with their Literably information (e.g., passwords) after you upload your rostering files.  Thus, you may want to email them separately with any information you want them to be aware of.


You can upload your files in 3 steps.


1. Download Blank Files

You'll need two files: teachers.csv and students.csv


2a. Complete the Teacher File

Please do not remove or change the header row! (pictured below). The header row should be row 1 in your teacher file.


In the teacher file, please include everyone who will need access to Literably. This might include:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Intervention teachers
  • Instructional coaches
  • Reading specialists
  • Special education teachers
  • Principals

Fields in teachers.csv

*Teacher ID: teacher ID from your student information system. IMPORTANT: Must be unique across district.
*Title: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Miss, etc.
*First Name
*Last Name
*Email: Must be unique.  Teachers will use this email to log into Literably.
*Password: You can set the same password for all teachers. Teachers will use this password to log into Literably.
School Admin: yes or no. Gives this user access to all students in the school. Use for principals, interventionists, etc.

* = required field

Sample completed teacher file:


2b. Complete the Student File

Please do not remove or change the header row! (pictured below). The header row should be row 1 in your student file.


In the student file, please include all students who will be using Literably.

We recommend completing the ELL data columns where applicable. This will prevent ELL students from being unfairly penalized for accented pronunciations.

Fields in students.csv

*Student ID: student ID from your student information system. IMPORTANT: Must be unique across district.
*Grade: K, 1, 2, 3, etc. (K is the lowest level. You cannot list "PRE".)
*First Name
*Last Name 
*Teacher ID: must match a Teacher ID from teachers.csv
Secondary Teacher ID: enrolls the student in a second teacher's class. must match a Teacher ID from teachers.csv
Username: If you do not set student usernames, students will login by typing their teachers' email and picking their name from a list. If you set student usernames, each username must be unique across the district.
Password: If you set student usernames, then student passwords are required. You can set the same password for all students.
Initial Level: student’s initial A-Z reading level (can import DRA, F&P, STEP, and PM Benchmarks scores as long as the same system is used for all students). Only used for new students.
Level Imputed: optional true/false field (defaults to false). If false, will treat the supplied initial level as merely a guess and allow Literably to level a student below that level. Only relevant if Initial Level is supplied.
ELL: optional true/false field indicating English language learner status. Used in conjunction with home language for accent adjustments.
Home Language: optional home language code from your student information system. Used for accent adjustments for ELL students.

* = required field

You may find it most efficient to export the required data from your Student Information System (SIS). Then, copy and paste it into the correct columns in the Literably files.

Sample completed student file:


3. Upload the Files

A. Log in to Literably, click your username in the top right, and click Rostering.

If you do not see rostering, email for help.

B. Upload both files at the same time. The files must have exactly these filenames:



To select two files at once, press and hold CTRL (PC) or COMMAND (Mac) and click on both of the files. When both files are highlighted, they have both been selected for upload.

C. Within a few minutes, Literably will send you an email with the results. This email will indicate if there were any errors in the files. If errors were detected, please correct the errors and re-upload. Note: If you upload teachers.csv and students.csv and there are errors in just one of the files, you must re-upload both teachers.csv and students.csv.


Files with duplicate usernames, emails, teacher IDs, or student IDs will be rejected.

Rows missing required fields will not be processed.

Rows assigning a student’s primary teacher to a user with no school will not be processed.

Usernames are case-insensitive.

Literably does not support associating teachers with multiple schools. If multiple schools are listed for a teacher, she will be associated with the first school.

If Literably can't find a teacher account with the given Teacher ID, but it does find a teacher account with the given email, the existing teacher account will be updated to reflect the information in the roster file.

Teacher and student credentials will be rewritten whenever these roster files are uploaded, even if these accounts already exist. The only exception is that we will not rewrite a teacher’s password, since sometimes teachers change these deliberately.

These files should be in standard CSV format (not Excel) with UTF-8 encoding and commas as delimiters. Quoting is required where there are commas in a field’s text, but is otherwise optional. The first row should be a header row consisting of column names, which should match the names of the fields in this document. 

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