Roles in Literably: Teachers, School Admins, and District Admins

There are 3 roles available for an institution's staff members on Literably. These roles can be set in the roster files uploaded to Literably.  You can also create these roles via Clever (more information here). 

  • Teacher
  • School administrator
  • District administrator

A user's role determines the data she can export:

An administrator can also zoom into the class dashboards of individual teachers by clicking on the links to those teachers' names at the bottom of her own dashboard page. District administrators can elevate a teacher to a school administrator by clicking on the "Set as Admin" link on this list (see screenshot below).

School administrators can also add students to their own class list for monitoring. To do this, zoom in to a teacher's dashboard, check the checkboxes of the students to add, and click Add to Your Students at the top (see screenshot below).

The below table outlines the differences between the different user roles on Literably.


How to give and/or remove a teacher's admin status (see red arrow).



District and school admins: how to add students from another teacher's dashboard to your own (see red arrows).



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