Interpreting the Export

Date The date of the assessment
Teacher The teacher associated with the assessment
Student The student associated with the recording
Grade The grade level of the student
Title The title of the reading
Fiction? TRUE if Fiction. FALSE if nonfiction.
A-Z Level The A-Z Level of the Text.
Recommended Level Literably's recommendation for the next assessment - based on the Literably re-leveling criteria.
Accuracy Oral reading accuracy for that assessment.
WCPM Words correct per minute for that assessment.
Comprehension Correct # of multiple choice questions answered correctly
Comprehension Asked # of multiple choice questions asked
Comprehension Percentage % of multiple choice questions answer correctly
Retell Score Retell score from 1 to 4 (if it exists) for the assessment.
Instructional Level

Student's instructional reading level, defined as the highest level at which the student has scored >=90% accuracy and >=60% comprehension. If the student has not scored >=90% accuracy and >=60% comprehension at any level, then we define it as one level below the lowest level at which they've assessed.

Estimated Instructional Level

If the Instructional Level is confirmed, this column is equal to "Instructional Level." 

If the instructional level is not not confirmed, this column contains a a predicted instructional level. This prediction is based on Literably's data, and is our "best guess" of the instructional level that is likely to be reached after a student re-assesses until the level is confirmed.

Instructional Level Confirmed TRUE if the student has confirmed his/her instructional level (by scoring 90-95% accuracy and >=60% comprehension). FALSE if the student has not confirmed his/her instructional level, because (s)he has not yet passed a level OR because (s)he read with >=95% accuracy and >=60% comprehension, and she hasn't yet read at a higher level.
Has Passed a Level TRUE if the student has scored >=90% accuracy and >=60% comprehension on at least one level.
Instructional Level Category Achievement category of instructional level (does not meet, approaches, meets, exceeds as 1 through 4), detailed on our Expectations for Instructional Reading Levels
Student ID The student's school or district ID (assigned by the school or district).
Web Link A link to the student's Literably page.




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