Reassessing on Literably

Once your students have assessed, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your results. Literably will also post the results to your teacher account.

In order for Literably to find accurate instructional reading levels, some of your students will need to reassess. In particular students who:

1. Did not submit a scorable assessment (due to background noise, whispering, etc).

2. Did very well or very poorly (and so may be far from their instructional reading levels). These students are automatically re-leveled based on Literably's Re-Leveling and Re-Assessment Criteria.

How do I know who to reassess?

The students who need to reassess are listed in the results email, and they're marked with the reassessment icon (⟳) in your teacher account.


How do I reassess students?

Just tell them to assess on Literably. Literably will have already moved each student to an appropriate text for reassessment.

Can I reassess students even if Literably doesn't recommend reassessing them?

Yes. Regardless of whether or not Literably recommends a reassessment, you can reassess any or all of your students at whatever level you choose until you're confident you've found their instructional reading levels. These re-assessments do not "count against" whatever plan you're on.

For example, suppose your school has subscribed for 3 rounds of assessment on Literably (fall, winter and spring). You assess one of your students in September. Literably does not recommend a re-assessment, but you're still not sure you've found the student's instructional reading level. You can go ahead and re-assess the student immediately on Literably at whichever level you think will give you the information you need. You do NOT need to wait until January. We're here to help you find your student's instructional reading levels, and we know that re-assessment is a necessary part of that process.

How many times do I need to reassess?

In general, students will need to assess at most 2-3 times per assessment period. However, some students will need more assessments, and you should keep re-assessing until you’ve found each student’s instructional reading level.

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